What Your Content Marketing Is Missing To Drive Sales

5 Content Marketing Call-To-Action Tactics 

Content Marketing Call to Action TacticIf your content marketing doesn’t drive leads and ultimately sales, it’s a #FAIL.

Yes, you need to build your brand and attract a following, BUT as the famous Benton & Bowles quote goes, “It’s not creative unless it sells.” (Note: This quote is often misattributed to David Ogilvy.)  Continue reading

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15 Mobile Facts That Should Change Your 2015 Marketing

Mobile Apps In 2015: Not Just Social Media Anymore

Mobile App Trends 2015Your 2015 marketing must be mobile first.

Yeah, we said this before. But maybe you weren’t paying attention or you thought we were a lone marketing voice. (Don’t worry—you didn’t hurt our feelings.)

But you should focus on what Facebook is doing because your marketing in 2015 and beyond will depend on it!!!  Continue reading

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5 Key Facebook Marketing Trends For 2015

Facebook To Marketers: What You Need To Do To Succeed

5 Key Facebook Marketing Trends in 2015Love it or hate it, Facebook is the 800 pound gorilla of social media.

Facebook is also a global platform. It’s a Top 10 social media entity across the world (Check out the social media behavior complete with charts and details.) Continue reading

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Content Search VS Social Media

Search And Social Media Maximize Content Marketing Reach

content search vs socialGot content?

Of course you do. You’re a marketer!

Resources remain the top content marketing challenge.

This translates to the need for more people (often referred to as time) and budget.
Continue reading

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Do You Know What Your Audience Is Doing On Social Media?

Social Media Behavior In 2015

Social Media Behavior in 2015You must incorporate social media into your 2015 marketing plan as an integral element of your content, communication, interaction and promotion.

Concurrently, social networks continue to mature in their own product life cycles becoming serious businesses and media entities that must generate revenues, profits and returns for investors. Continue reading

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What The Top 10 Bloggers Do Differently To Succeed

10 Tricks For Success From The Top 10 Blogs

Gold top 10 winner-Top 10 BloggersIt’s “Top 10 Blog” season, the Academy Awards of blogging.

Before you ask: “Do I have what it takes to be a Top 10 Blogger?”

Listen, I understand what you’re thinking because I wondered the same thing myself. (BTW—this blog was short-listed for Social Media Examiner’s Top 10 Social Media Blogs 2015 along with 19 other amazing blogs.) Continue reading

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3 No-Brainer Reasons To Curate Content

Content Curation To The Rescue!

Reasons to curate contentAs Gartner’s Jake Sorofman points out: “Content is the grist for the social marketing mill. Without compelling, insightful, inspiring content, social engagement simply fails to happen.”

Yet, creating sufficient new, tailored content to distribute across social media and owned platforms on a regular basis is overwhelming. Content curation to the rescue! Continue reading

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How To Drive Measurable Social Media Results

5 Social Media Tactics To Improve Trackability

Drive Measurable Social Media ResultsDo your social media marketing activities drive measurable results?

Or does your c-suite grumble that your social media investments are NOT contributing to your business’s objectives?

A top marketer told me about a social media campaign his agency created for a high profile client. Continue reading

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Decreased Facebook Visibility: What Can You Do?

30 Low Budget Tactics To Maximize Small Business Reach

Decreased Facebook VisibilitySince January 1st, organic visibility in Facebook news feeds decreased for businesses.

Facebook made this change to reduce the use of push marketing messages. (For the details, see Facebook’s announcement.)

Continue reading

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15 Ways You Can Beat The Content Marketing Odds

Is Your Content Marketing Living Up To Its Potential?

15 Ways your can beat the content marketing oddsIn 2015 the content marketing stakes are higher than they’ve ever been.

Understand that it’s not what you’re doing that’s the challenge.

People face more competition for their scarce attention. There’s just more information in different formats from multiple devices fighting for readers’ awareness. And this doesn’t include the people in their lives and the environment in which they live. Continue reading