The Ultimate 2015 Marketing Checklist To Guarantee Success

100 Marketing Tactics: Social Media, Content Marketing and Mobile

The Ultimate 2015 Marketing ChecklistThe biggest problem most people have with the New Year are the resolutions they set. The same holds for your business.

They make New Year’s resolutions involving big audacious goals that are difficult to attain. It’s like they’re small children who believe that their fairy godmother is going to come along and bop them on the head so their resolutions magically come true. Continue reading


35 Tactics To Improve Your 2015 Content Marketing

10 Big 2015 Content Marketing Predictions

2015 Content Marketing PredictionsAs we enter 2015, content marketing moves beyond a strategy to supplement your marketing to an integral part of your business plans and operation.

10 Big 2015 content marketing predictions

Here are the 10 big 2015 content marketing predictions and related tactics you need to get your business on track to succeed. (BTW—Here’s what we’re predicting for social media in 2015.) Continue reading

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2015 Social Media Predictions: 10 Forecasts You Need

27 Actionable Social Media Marketing Tactics For 2015

2015 Social Media PredictionsBefore we ring in the new year, let’s examine where social media is headed in 2015 and what it means for your business.

2015 Social Media Predictions

Here are the Top 10 2015 Social Media Predictions (plus a bonus) including the challenges involved for each social network. Continue reading

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Top 10 Social Media Highlights of 2014 (Charts)

24 Social Media Tactics You Need To Get Ready For 2015

Top 10 social media highlights of 2014As a marketer you can’t avoid social media.

Using Mad Men logic, you have to be where your target audience spends their time.

In the US, adults spend over an hour a day consuming social media content according to eMarketer. Continue reading

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2014 Content Marketing Highlights

10 Content Marketing Lessons Learned

2014 content marketing highlightsIn 2014, content marketing became must-have marketing.

The metric: Content Marketing World 2014 attendance. (BTW, if you missed CMW2014, get the full videos and soak up the knowledge.) This industry event went from useful to must attend. Continue reading


Why Email Remains The King Of Social Media

10 Email List Building Tricks

Why email remains the king of social mediaHands down, email is the king of social media.

Don’t take my word for it.

While email predates the current social media platforms, it’s integral to their traffic and engagement. Continue reading


5 Social Media Video Content Tips For Stellar Results

Social Media Video Content: Case Study (Charts)

social media video contentLooking to expand your audience?
Add social media video content.

While visual content has gained traction over the last couple of years as easy-to-consume, snackable information, expect social media video to jump to the forefront of must-have content types in 2015.

This content trend is fueled by 2 interrelated factors: Continue reading

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What the Pros Do To Boost Content Reach

5 Expert Content Marketing Tricks To Extend Your Reach

5 expert content marketing tricksContent marketers are always on the lookout for new tricks to engage a larger audience.

The major challenge is to consistently break through and attract both dedicated and new readers in an increasingly competitive environment where time is readers’ most scarce resource. Continue reading

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How To Use Social Media To Attract Millennial Buyers

Understand Your Millennial Customer Or Lose Her Business

Millennial and smartphoneAged 18 to 33, millennials represent a key marketing demographic. Millennial buyers are projected to spend an annual $1.4 trillion by 2020 according to Accenture.

More important for marketers: millennials are passing through important lifecycle events, such as starting their first jobs, getting their first home, and getting married that involve major purchases. Continue reading

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