Content Marketing ROI: The Key You Need

Why Measuring Content Marketing ROI Drives Results

Content Marketing ROIContent marketing ROI sounds difficult. Maybe because ROI is a jumble of letters representing the financial words return and investment.

I totally understand your pain. Take it from me, like many others, I learned the hard way. Continue reading

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25 Tactics To Overcome A Bad Small Business Location

Turn Your Bad Small Business Location Into An Asset

Overcome a bad small business locationLocation, location, location is the real estate catchphrase because it can be the make or break it decision for many business.

For small businesses a bad location is often one of many challenges they face due to budgets and priorities. Continue reading

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5 Video Marketing Tricks To Increase Your Results 

Video Content Converts

5 Video Marketing TricksSkip the selfies–Videos rocked Content Marketing World 2014. It seemed like everyone was creating some piece of video.

As a form of visual content, video has been white hot for a while. In case you missed the email, both Instagram and Twitter (aka Vine) rolled out short form videos last year. (In fact, I called short form video the new black of content marketing!) Continue reading

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3 Post-Sale Content Marketing Strategies You Need

The 1 Element Missing At Content Marketing World

Post-Sale Content Marketing FormatsContent Marketing World 2014 was epic: over 2,400 people and over 40 amazing speakers (including Kevin Spacey). Yet everyone missed one important element: post-sale content marketing.

Why? Continue reading

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10 Content Marketing World 2014 Lessons

How To Create Content Marketing That Will Improve Your Business

Content Marketing World 2014I just returned from Content Marketing World 2014 and I’m basking in the event’s orange glow.

When Social Media Examiner’s Mike Stelzner asked me why I attended Content Marketing World, The answer was easy: Continue reading

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3 Secrets To Massive Content Curation Distribution

12 Actionable Content Curation Distribution Tactics

Massive Content Curation DistributionYour content curation distribution is more critical than your original content distribution.

This is attributable to the fact that curated content requires adding your voice to existing content, whether it’s yours or other people’s content, to make it into something fresh and new. Continue reading

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The Ultimate Content Curation Glossary

100 Content Curation Terms

Ultimate Content Curation GlossaryWords matter when it comes to content marketing, especially for content curation.

Therefore a comprehensive content curation glossary is critical to learn the words of the trade.

100 Content curation terms

Continue reading


5 Small Business Branding Tactics You Can Use

Why Small Business Branding Is Personal

Small Business Branding TacticsMany small businesses think small business branding is an oxymoron.


Small businesses consider branding an expensive form of marketing. They think branding requires a big budget to pay for an advertising agency to develop branding campaigns and mass media to build brand awareness. Continue reading

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Content Curation Versus Content Aggregation

3 Ways Content Curation Trumps Content Aggregation

Content Curation Versus Content AggregationContent curation versus content aggregation is a challenge many marketers face due to limited budgets and their prospects’ insatiable need for content.

As a marketer, it’s useful to have both content curation and content aggregation capabilities in your content marketing toolbox. Continue reading

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50 Marketing Quotes For Back-To-School

The Marketing Inspiration You Need

50 Marketing QuotesLabor Day signals the return to school. To get your marketing studies on track whether you’re in school or not, here are 50 marketing quotes for back-to-School.

In the process of compiling this list of marketing quotes, I stumbled upon this gem by Stephen Denny: “If dogs don’t like your dog food, the packaging doesn’t matter.” Tweet This Continue reading

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