The State Of Blogging 2014 [Research - Charts]

Blogging Fame: 5 Easy Fixes

The State of Blogging 2014Do you ever look at the top 25 blogs and wonder whether you’re doing something wrong?

They make blogging look easy.

Without seeming to work very hard, their blog posts acquire tons of social activity and comments. Continue reading

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Can You Curate Content Like The Masters? 7 Secrets

Content Curation Giants: Google Versus Amazon

Content Curation Giants- Google - AmazonAmazon and Google are content curation giants.

Specifically, they are major media entities that curate other people’s information. Before you object that Google is the world’s search engine, and Amazon is the world’s online retailer, let’s look at what constitutes a media entity. Continue reading

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Do You Need To Play Hooky From Your Blog? 5 Signs

Summer Blog Hours: 10 Ways To Keep Your Blog Going

summer blog hoursSummer is officially here.

School is out (at least until September).

What blogger doesn’t want time off?

Keep reading to check if you’ve got 1 of the 5 telltale signs you NEED to play hooky from your blog.

Like seedlings planted in the spring, we grow towards the sun during the summer. For bloggers, this means taking some well-deserved time to invest in yourself. Continue reading

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The 5 Course Content Curation Menu You Should Serve

5 Basic Content Curation Types Every Marketer Needs

content curation sells the sizzleMy father always said, “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.”

It turns out that my dad didn’t coin this phrase.  Elmer Wheeler, a salesman and motivational speaker did way back in the 1930s. Content curators should heed his advice. Continue reading

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Pinterest Vs Instagram: Visual Content Marketing 

15 Social Media Visual Content Marketing Tips

Pinterest vs Instagram-Visual Content MarketingThink fast! Pinterest vs Instagram?

Which social media platform is a better focus for your visual content marketing?

As a marketer, how do you differentiate between Pinterest and Instagram?

Continue reading

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Do Your Social Media Relationships Get Consummated?

10 Steps To Improve Your Social Media Conversions

Social media relationship in Central ParkIt’s June, the height of wedding season. From Central Park to Battery Park, newlyweds are strutting their stuff at high profile NYC parks and landmarks; their photographers in tow.

Similarly, it’s time to think about getting your business’s social media relationships consummated. Continue reading

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13 Content Marketing Secrets I Learned From My Dad

Father’s Day Content Marketing Lessons

Content Marketing Lessons I Learned From My DadContent marketing runs in my family. My dad was a big New York City publisher by virtue of the fact that he was 6’5” and ran a local weekly newspaper in Queens.

He didn’t compete with either the New York Times or the Daily News.

Rather, my dad’s focus was hyperlocal. Anything that happened in his newspaper territory was important. This included politicians, schools, kids sports teams, weddings and births. Continue reading

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10 Super Easy Blog Post Tricks To Increase Your Business

Blogging Basics 201– What Your Teacher Forgot To Tell You

Blogging Basics 201-Actionable Marketing GuideWhy Blogging Basics 201?

Because no one wants to admit that they don’t know the basics of crafting super sticky blog posts that attracts the right kind of readers.

But a second level class makes you feel like you can pick up a few tips without feeling bad about yourself. Continue reading

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