Maximize Your Social – Book Interview

Heidi Cohen Interviews Neal Schaffer

Maximize Your SocialWhat’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing?

Gain deep knowledge of social media and gather data points to help support your social media strategy. Social media is a mainstream communications channel, and you can’t afford to allow your business to get left behind.

It’s important to educate, experiment, and measure all of the different things you can do in social media so that you can determine what unique value you will derive from your social presence after creating a social media strategy as outlined in Maximize Your Social.

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3 Content Marketing Opportunities You Are Missing

Does Your Content Plan Take Advantage Of Other People’s Audiences?

3 content marketing opportunitiesMost marketers laser focus on building their own audience. This makes sense since “know your audience” is the second step of any content marketing strategy.

What’s wrong with this approach?

It’s hard work to build a sizable base of people interested in reading your content by just talking to the people who happen to find your content by chance via social media or search. This is especially true when you first get started and no one knows who you are. Continue reading

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Content Marketing Performance Checklist: 1H2015

10 Step Content Marketing Performance Assessment

Girl playing flute-Content Marketing Performance ChecklistIf you’re like me, you probably can’t believe 2015 is half over.

Before starting your 2016 content marketing plan process, assess how your 2015 content marketing is performing to-date. (To help you, here’s a content marketing checklist.)

There are two good reasons to assess your 2015 content marketing performance to-date: Continue reading

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The Social Media Revolution: Make Money Or Die

5 Steps To Prepare For The Social Media Revolution

Are you ready for the social media revolution?“No taxation without representation” was the rallying point that started the protests and rebellions that led up to the American Revolution.

Colonists were opposed to British taxes on tea, legal documents and many other goods. You can’t blame the British Parliament; it’s easy to tax people who are an ocean away.  Continue reading

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Millennials Outnumber Boomers: The Meaning For Marketers

5 Key Millennial Marketing Tips Based On Research

Millennial Marketing tipsMillennials now outnumber boomers.

Dear marketers, while numbers vary based on how different organizations bracket the age groups, have no doubt that millennials are ascendent. And they think very differently from previous generations.

As Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman point out in Content Rules, you have to not only understand your audience but also your organization. Continue reading

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The Marketing Performance Blueprint – Book Interview

Heidi Cohen Interviews Paul Roetzer

The_Marketing_Performance_BlueprintWhat’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing?

Measure what matters. It’s so easy to get lost in the flood of data, and lose focus on the metrics that are most relevant to success.

Identify a core group of 3-5 prime goals (e.g. website visits, leads, sales conversions, monthly recurring revenue) to monitor, and then ensure that every campaign you run has a singular goal with a measureable outcome.

For example, you may run a Q3 lead-gen campaign in which the goal is to generate 100 sales qualified leads (SQLs).

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7 Steps To Get Marketing Awards Every Time

Marketing Awards: How To Win And Boost Your Business

Marketing AwardsThe Cannes Lions celebrated the creative communications industry’s achievements and creators this past week. While this was happening, I finished judging a set of marketing awards in much more mundane surroundings at my computer.

This experience got me thinking about why we as marketers seek recognition in the form of awards. Are we just after the attention or is it something more important that helps build our businesses? Continue reading

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How To Unlock Your Product Stories To Increase Sales

7 Types of Content Marketing Product Stories

Unlock content marketing product storiesDid you know that the stories you create and tell about your products entices shoppers to buy them and, even, pay more for them?

In the Significant Object Project, Joshua Glenn and Rob Walker found that creating a story about a cheap product enhanced its value. Specifically, they generated $3,612.51 in sales from $128.74 of product.

Recently, my husband and I visited Aaron Faber on West 53rd Street, one of the top watch stores in New York City. The store features top of the line watches along with beautiful one of a kind jewelry by a select handful of artisans. Continue reading

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Earned Media Metrics: How To Track Your Results

37 Experts Share Their Favorite Earned Media Metrics

Earned Media MetricsHow do you track earned media?

Earned media: It’s when other people, influencers and/or media entities mention you or your business on one or more media platforms.

As result, you increase your reach and garner attention that contributes to your business objectives. Continue reading


Welcome to the Funnel – Book Interview

Heidi Cohen Interviews Jason Miller

Welcome To The FunnelWhat’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing? 

The number one thing you can do to improve your marketing is to become a better writer. At the core of good content is great writing. Focus there first, because at the end of the day, we can all be better writers.

Secondly I would recommend broadening your marketing skillset in order to become what I call a hybrid marketer. For example, a good hybrid marketer isn’t an expert in only one thing; they understand multiple disciplines and apply that daily to their marketing campaigns.

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