Domain Names, Trademarks and Your Brand

Secure and Protect Your Brand’s Intellectual Property

Domain names, trademarks and brandsWhat’s in a name? For marketers the answer is a lot especially when it comes to domain names.

Your name is at the core of your brand identity. It’s what makes your product or firm stand out in your target customer’s mind.

Over time your brand increases your business’s value through its personality, stories and consistency. Continue reading

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Audio Content: How To Reach Your Busy Audience

Podcasts and Audio Content In Your Content Marketing Mix

Man Ear-Audio Content2016 is the year of the rise of audio content (including podcasts!)

Say “audio” to most mobile savvy, content marketers and they automatically think podcast. Yet the audio content offering extends beyond podcasting. Continue reading

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Martin Luther King Jr.’s Influence On Social Media

Social Media Inspiration: 7 Martin Luther King Jr.  Quotes

Martin Luther King Jr. helped people who didn’t have a voice come together and changed the world’s perspective on racial issues in America.

As we honor him, let his teachings guide our actions. They still hold true in today’s social media connected and empowered world.

How different would Dr. King’s movement been if he had today’s social media platforms and technology?  Continue reading

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Three Value Conversations – Book Interview

ThreeValueConversationsHeidi Cohen interviews Tim Riesterer

Q: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing?

For B2B companies, hitting your revenue number is still most impacted by whether or not your salespeople can articulate value in their customer conversations.

And, great value conversations are a combination of superior stories to fuel the conversation, matched with remarkable skills to deliver that conversation. The best story, told the best, wins!

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Simple 5 Step Blog Post Formula Anyone Can Follow

How You Can Write Blog Posts Quickly Like A Pro

Simple 5 Step Blog Post FormulaWriting is difficult.

You feel exposed when you write especially if your work is published.

I get it.

Your words become public property (despite your intellectual rights). It’s the reason why it took me 5+ years to start my Actionable Marketing Guide (but you don’t need to wait, you can use my simple 5 step blog post formula outlined below.) Continue reading

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Content Inner Circle: 5 Ways To Increase Distribution

Grab Attention Via Your Customer’s Content Inner Circle

Content Inner CircleYour target audience’s content inner circle contains the 5 to 20 resources where they focus the majority of their content and media time. It is also your biggest content marketing hurdle.

The content inner circle limits your ability to break through and grab your audience’s attention. Continue reading

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2016 Mobile Marketing Trends Every Marketer Needs

Mobile Research For Your 2016 Marketing Plans

woman with smartphone-1I’ve got one word for your 2016 marketing: Mobile.

Ignore mobile at your peril.

Mobile isn’t about you, your product or your brand.

Mobile is about reaching your prospects, customers and audience where, when and how they want to interact with you. This isn’t a new message. (Check 2015’s data.) Continue reading

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5 Key 2016 Social Media Trends

2016 Social Media Becomes A True Marketing Ecosystem

5 Key 2016 Social Media TrendsIn 2016, social media will become a true marketing ecosystem.

This has important implications for your marketing mix. Social media 2016 will require people and budget for creative and advertising/placement. Continue reading

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Customer Advertising Preferences For 2016

How Customers Feel About Your Advertising (Research)

advertising poster ca 1880As marketer you invest in advertising to achieve goals such as extending your brand, expanding your audience, and increasing leads.

Yet, do you know what your target audience’s advertising preferences are?

Even more important, do you know if your audiences wants to communicate with your business at all? And if so, where do they want to see your brand’s ads?
Continue reading

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Small Business Holiday Marketing: 3 Campaigns You Must See

3 Ways To Get Attention During The Holidays

dec-12-santa-flashmob-gctThe holidays are a particularly challenging time to get your message through.

People take advantage of the holidays to reach out and connect with family, friends and colleagues via a variety of platforms.

As a result there’s more communication than usual making it tough to attract attention for small business holiday marketing.

Continue reading

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