Why You Need Influencer Relations Marketing Now

Inside Scoop On Influencer Relations Marketing

Influencer Relations MarketingDo you use influencer relations marketing to build trust, expand your marketing reach, and persuade prospects to purchase from you?

50% of marketers surveyed by Altimeter, Top Rank Marketing and Traackr report small influencer marketing budgets (less than $100,000 annually) compared to the rest of the marketing mix. Continue reading

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Blogging Renaissance: Why You Must Blog Now

5 Reasons To Put Your Blog At The Center Of Your Marketing

Blogging renaissanceNow more than ever your business needs to tap into the blogging renaissance.

Blogs are no longer shiny new objects of marketing adoration.

No surprise.

Blogs date back to the late 1990s. They grew out of ideas documented in The Cluetrain Manifesto. Continue reading

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Content Marketing Audience: Do You Know Your Readers?

How To Talk To Your 3 Core Content Marketing Audiences

As a content creator you must know your audience as well as you know your best friend.

Content Marketing AudienceIf you don’t, how can you create content that talks to your readers’ key wants and needs?

If you don’t, how can your articles and blog posts make your readers including your mother care enough to read them?

If you don’t, how will your content stand out from all the other information on your topic available with a single Google search? Continue reading

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Content Typography: Why Your First Impression Matters

Improve Content Readability And Sex Appeal With Typography

Content TypographyContent typography dresses your information for success.

Skip the ho-hum grey suit content presentation.

Even your quality, must-have information will disappear into the Wall Street crowd dressed like that. Continue reading

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2017 Facebook: Is Your Business Missing Out?

Facts Every Marketer Needs To Know: Facebook In 2017

2017 FacebookDespite Mark Zuckerberg’s protests, 2017 Facebook is more than a social media platform.

Marketers, media entities and Facebook participants pay attention!

As we enter 2017, Facebook is a full-fledged media entity. (BTW, this trend isn’t limited to Facebook. Here’s a full explanation of social media is media.) Continue reading

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Generate New Blog Post Ideas: Yes You Can!

How To Have More Blog Posts Than You Can Write

Generate new blog post ideasHELPI must write an article today but I can’t generate new blog post ideas.

Sound familiar?

If so, you’re not alone.

Top bloggers make it look easy. They churn out post after blog post. Continue reading

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Influencer Co-Created Content: Complete Blogger Guide

5 Ways To Improve Your Blog Authority Without FOMO

Influencer co-created contentWhen I say influencer co-created content what pops into your head?

  • Listicle?
  • Roundup?
  • Influencer marketing?

Continue reading

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They Ask, You Answer – Book Interview

Heidi Cohen Interviews Marcus Sheridan

New book: They Ask, You Answer – A Revolutionary Approach to Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, and Today’s Digital Consumer

they-ask-you-answerQ: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing?

The most critical element of being “great” at marketing today is the obsession of knowing exactly what your customers and prospects are thinking, feeling, asking, doubting, and fearing when it comes to buying your products and services.

Simply put, most marketing departments aren’t perfectly in-tune to these elements of the buyer and the biggest reason is because they aren’t aligned with the sales team, they aren’t aware of customer issues/concerns as the sales team is, and they aren’t subject matter experts like most sales teams are.

If marketing teams aren’t keenly aware of everyday sales issues, they will very much likely fail to be great in 2017 and beyond.

Continue reading

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What Social Media Is Media Means For Your 2017 Marketing

Social Media Becomes Full Fledged Media

Social media is mediaSocial media is media.

It became full-fledged media in 2016.

Social media is no longer a nimble, low cost David marketing option against pricier established media Goliaths.

Don’t look surprised! Continue reading

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2017 Content Marketing Resolutions

5 Tactics To Stay Ahead Of The Content Marketing Pack

2017 Content Marketing ResolutionsAs a marketer your 2017 content resolutions need to focus on a strategically aligned content marketing plan to produce quality content on a consistent basis.

Don’t take my word for it!

Walk down a commercial street near you. You’ll see we live in a world plastered with advertising. Continue reading

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