6 Responses to Are You Ready For Multi-Platform Social Media Use?

  1. Maria Luisa says:

    The babies, customer service, dogs vs. cats numbers… are they percentages? (they seem odd…does not match the info) Otherwise, cool, interesting data!

  2. Daniel Green says:

    Great article Heidi. I think it’s also important to evaluate the social media platforms that will best suit your business. I run an online platform (http://www.getserio.com/) for company hirers and online freelancers to find each other, and I have found that LinkedIn and Twitter have played a bigger role in our marketing strategies over Facebook.

  3. Thanks for this article especially those ten topics on Twitter and Facebook. Through those, we can create more articles that target specific audience for a specific social medium. As you have mentioned, “Modify your content marketing to appeal to social media users where and when they’re on a specific site.”

    Thanks Heidi Cohen.

  4. Great and useful post – thank you!

  5. Alex Morris says:

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  6. alexa swift says:

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