7 Responses to Are You Missing These 3 Mobile Social Media Opportunities?

  1. Gupta Deepak says:

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  2. MLL_69 says:

    So much info! I love your blog!

  3. Daniel Chloe says:

    Exactly the Daily social media activity on mobile devices continues to gain ground. Social Media Marketing

  4. Rob Montgomery says:

    Hey there Heidi!

    Looks like you have done your homework and the best thing about it is that you allow all of us to take advantage of it! I love how you use pies and graphs in order to show how reliable your information is. I have used mobile marketing strategies for my business and it did great wonders to it. With your tips, I might be able to widen my audience reach even more.

    Thanks a lot!


  5. David Boozer says:

    Great post Heidi! I am going to take a look at the Snapchat app!

  6. Mary Gravitt says:

    The blog you have shared is well detailed, but here’s are tips I have read before on Leo Widrich blog.
    1. Share Images on Twitter: Increase Retweets by 150%
    2. Share Content More Than Once
    3. A/B Test on Social Networks
    4.Reframe Content to Suit Your Audience
    5.Re-Buffer Posts and Buffer Native Retweets.
    I’m sharing these different steps for additional information and I’m looking for more ideas.Thanks for these new strats to ponder on.

  7. valeriedresner01 says:

    This might be a great help. I didn’t have the idea that sharing a social link via a mobile device increased over 20%. Thank you for your insights!