[INFOGRAPHIC] How To Make The Case For Content Marketing

The Content Marketing Cost – Benefit Analysis (Proof You Need)

Making the case for content marketing requires a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether it can be a profitable investment, just like with any other project or initiative vying for corporate resources. Fortunately, when it comes to content marketing, the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Here’s an infographic that makes the business case for Content Marketing. It includes fun quotes related to an otherwise serious case. Please feel free to print it out and show it to your boss or management team (with attribution of course!)


Content marketing cost benefit analysis with relevant data

Content Marketing Cost-Benefit Analysis by Heidi Cohen http://HeidiCohen.com


For the specifics, here are the five benefits of using content marketing and the one cost of using content marketing – with the data sources.


1. Consumers trust content not ads.


2. Consumers actively seek product information and reviews first.


3. Consumers need to see marketing messages multiple times.


3-5 views needed to be remembered

4. Consumers consume digital content 24/7 (via mobile devices.)



5. Consumer purchases influenced by content.


Graph by Heidi Cohen; Research by based on research by Shop.org, comScore and the Partnering Group


1. Content marketing requires human and finance resources for content creation, distribution and promotion.



The benefits of using content marketing to achieve your business objectives far outweigh the costs of resources in the form of human and financial support. Content marketing expenses may be reduced. It takes careful planning to create similar content at the same time (such as creating extra video during a photo shoot), extending content for multiple uses (such as a series of articles) and repurposing content (such as chopping an ebook into shorter blog posts.)

What other content marketing benefits and costs would you add to this list and why?

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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  • Derar

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  • markdurney

    One tactic to overcome is the perceived human and financial cost associated with developing a content marketing campaign/strategy is too underscore how easy it is to recycle existing content. Often I’ve found that a critical part of the process is training a marketer in how he or she can repurpose content in new and innovative ways.

    • Heidi Cohen

      Mark — I agree content marketing is perceived of as expensive but relative to other forms of marketing it’s not when you consider that it breaks through the clutter and can be directly attributable to sales. Happy marketing, Heidi Cohen