How to Show Your Thanks With Content Marketing

7 Ways Content Marketing Says Thank You

Thanking your customers should be done with every transaction, not just once a year. It’s amazing how far these two little words can go towards building customer relationships. It’s especially important in the current environment where shoppers carefully weigh each purchase decision, regardless of size. Content marketing can help you say thank you.

Just say it! Try old-fashioned good manners and show your appreciation for your customers’ business with the words, thank you.  Many small and medium sized businesses could do a lot by being nice and friendly to customers.

Here are seven ways to use content marketing to say thank you to your customers after the purchase is made. It’s the gift that keeps on giving by having a call-to-action that encourages use, promotes social sharing to expand your reach, and incorporates links to your website where appropriate to drive customers to make other purchases.

  1. Send an email to express your thanks. To the extent possible, personalize the communication. The more expensive the purchase, the more important this is. Use this opportunity to gather input regarding the product and encourage consumers to rate it.
  2. Expand product instructions. Create content-rich step-by-step directions using photographs, video and graphics to help customers put together or use your products better. With holidays around the corner, show parents how to assemble their children’s new toys. Similarly, use this opportunity to suggest alternative product uses. Clothing companies can show how to mix and match outfits.
  3. Offer patterns and recipes. Give away the information that gives customers a reason to buy more product from you. Yarn, scrapbooking and cooking equipment companies, for example, provide a selection of instructions to show prospects and customers how to use their products while expressing themselves.
  4. Teach them how. Educate your customers to help them improve their usage of your products. Show them the tricks of the trade. Use a variety of content formats such as blog posts, PDFs, videos or photographs. Don’t overlook the power of a community bulletin board for gathering input from other consumers.
  5. Spotlight your customers. Implementation of this tactic varies. You can have a customer of the week the way that Oreos does on their Facebook page or you can provide a place for customers to display their use of your products like Fiskars does. From a marketing perspective, your goal is to show your customer with your product. What’s important is ensuring that you have the customer’s permission to use their likeness.
  6. Entertain them. Everyone needs a little fun in their lives. You can create your own content or leverage other people’s content in the form of a sponsorship or a gift. Think cartoons, stories, games or videos.
  7. Give them an ebook. Develop useful or entertaining information related to your product offering. Utilize the graphic component to support your branding. For example, it can be a collection of FAQs or stories. Make it iPad and Kindle friendly.

Using content marketing to thank your customers is a great way to extend your relationship with them. Post sales engagement is under-appreciated by many marketers. It gives you an opportunity to discover how purchasers feel about your products and to respond to any issues that may have arisen. In the process, you can delight customers with content that’s a benefit to them and provides links back to your offering.

Do you have any other content marketing suggestions to add to this list?

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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