Content Marketing Versus PR – Who Wins? [Chart]

12 Salient Content Marketing & PR Attributes

Content marketing gets a bad rap because many marketers and small business owners don’t understand what content marketing is and since it includes the word marketing they think it must be expensive. By contrast they believe any form of PR will translate to sales without work on their part since it’s some “free” stuff. The reality is that neither of these views is correct.

Both content marketing and PR have their distinctive roles to play in marketing. To shed light on the similarities and differences between content marketing and PR, here’s a comparison across twelve salient attributes.

Content Marketing Versus PR: Who Wins?Content Marketing & PR across 12 salient marketing attributes© 2012 Heidi Cohen – Riverside Marketing Strategies – All rights reserved

PR is cost effective and useful for building branding awareness and crisis management. Additionally, it’s often under-utilized by marketers. That said, content marketing supports all business initiatives across the organization. By its nature, content marketing incorporates the breadth of branding elements that make it identifiable across owned (aka internal), third party and social media platforms. Further, it provide useful information at every step of the purchase process that drives sales.

What’s your perspective on the content marketing versus PR and why? Please share your opinions in the comment section below.

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