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3 Social Media Marketing World 2016 Tactics

Want to improve your social media? 3 social media marketing world 2016 tactics: use livecasting video, find your audience buckets, and be authentic.

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Why Search No Longer Has A Chokehold On Marketing

Think beyond search marketing

Think beyond search marketing to reach your maximum potential audience. Assess macro-level audience attention and micro-level audience attention.

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Do Blogs Still Matter For Your Business Strategy? You Betcha!

Do blogs still matter

Do Blogs Still Matter? You Betcha! Understand why blogs still matter. 5 Tactics to make your blog the jewel in your business strategy.

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2016 Small Business Social Media Use: 5 Trends

2016 Small Business Social Media Used

Want to improve your 2016 small business social media use? Here are 5 tips based on UMass Dartmouth research. Includes examples.

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Why You Need Facebook More Than Ever

Why you need Facebook more than ever

Why you need Facebook more than ever? 3.5 Degrees Of Facebook Separation. Facebook connects with your audience and keeps them. Facts and data.

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2016 Facebook Marketing: What You Must Know To Succeed

2016 Facebook Marketing: What You Need To Succeed

Do you have a 2016 Facebook marketing strategy? Based on 4Q2015 results, 7 targeted 2016 Facebook marketing tactics. Includes charts.

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Martin Luther King Jr.’s Influence On Social Media

Martin Luther King Jr’s social media influence is present in these 7 quotes. Shows how Dr. King’s teachings yield social media lessons.

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5 Key 2016 Social Media Trends

5 Key 2016 Social Media Trends

Here are the 5 key 2016 social media trends to ensure that your marketing is on track to succeed. Includes charts and tips to improve your social media marketing.

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2016 Social Media Marketing Plan For Success

Need a 2016 social media marketing plan? Follow these 10 steps to build your social media plan for success to improve your social media ROI (aka results). Includes tips and examples.

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B2C Social Media Use That May Surprise You

Does your B2C social media use have what it takes to attract and engage an audience? Here is data and examples to help guide you.

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