Social Media

The Real Cost Of Free Stuff

Social Media give-away

Planning a social media give-away campaign? Free  isn’t free. Here are 7 tips to understand your social media give-away cost dynamics.

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Instagram – Sales Versus Engagement [Research]

Instagram Sells On DollsKill

Instagram Sales Versus Engagement. Recent University of Wisconsin research shows that use of Instagram photos can improve sales when added to your website.

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Using Social Media When You Go, Literally [Research]

Social Media is Sandwich Media

Why social media is sandwich media? Take a cue from this research that shows we use social media on the go sandwiched between other activities. Chart

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The Beatles Social Media Lessons

Beatles-50 Years of Marketing Lessons

Did you know that there were Beatles social media lessons? 50 Years Ago Today—before there was social media—The Beatles taught marketers to use social media

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Social Media and Millennials: How They Shop

Millennial shops without social media

UMass Dartmouth research to  understand how social media and millennials interact. Includes analyses and charts.

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Facebook Users: What Do They Mean For Your Marketing

Facebook Going My Way

What do Facebook Users mean for your marketing? Pew Internet research (data & charts) show how users have changed. Facebook tips included for marketers

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Facebook Results: Their Sales Are Up – Are Yours?

Mark zuckerberg of Facebook via Robert Scoble

What do Facebook results for 4Q2013 mean for marketers? Facebook’s 4Q2013 results with charts explained. The 3 Facebook factors marketers must consider.

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Social Media Shares: Are You Maximizing Reach?

Please share

Do your social media shares maximize your reach? Here’s 2013 social sharing data & charts analyzed. Includes 7 actionable social media marketing tips.

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Trust: Do We Believe Your Social Media & Content?

One dollar bill

Do you have customer trust? Analysis of Edelman’s 2014 Trust Barometer research [Charts included]. Includes business & messaging tactics for social media & content marketing.

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The Future Of Facebook [Research]


Facebook is falling? Here’s research proving Facebook is on the decline as well as 4 supporting reasons. To help,  here are 3 actionable marketing tips.

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