You Can Put A Price On Pinterest

Pinterest Tactics

Is Pinterest part of your social media strategy? Include these 15 Pinterest tactics in your marketing plans to drive sales and traffic to your site.

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The Only 3 Business Goals You Ever Need

The Only 3 Business Goals You Ever Need

Here are the only 3 business goals your firm will ever need. To help you, here are 11 actionable marketing tips to improve your business performance.


50 Marketing Quotes For Back-To-School

50 Marketing Quotes

Need inspiration to get your marketing on track for success? Then try these 50 marketing quotes for back-to-school.

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The One Marketing Opportunity Everyone Is Missing

Generate sales from the people who know you best

Do you know the one marketing opportunity everyone is missing? They’re not generating sales from the people who know them best. 15 tips to grow revenues.

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7 Steps To Use Personae In Your Marketing Plan

Post Marketing Persona Creation-7 Steps

Post Marketing Persona Creation: 7 step guide to how to integrate marketing personae into your marketing plans. Questions to guide you. BUT don’t skip #3!


Best Marketing Advice For Recent Graduates

Best Marketing Advice – 100 experts

Looking to get into Marketing? Check out what the Best Marketing Advice for Recent Graduates from 100 experts. They give you the marketing lowdown you need.

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The 2 Things Every Marketer Must Do

Marketing Batting Average-20 Tactics

How is your marketing batting average? These 20 tactics improve your top, middle and bottom of the funnel marketing activities. (Baseball quotes)

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13 Hot Marketing Tips To Set Off Fireworks

Fireworks-13 Hot Marketing Tips-HeidiCohen

Want to set off fireworks with your marketing? To understand marketing today, here are 13 types of marketing and 13 hot marketing tips to help drive sales.

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Persona Definition: 10 Essential Marketing Persona Attributes

Persona Definition - 12 marketing attributes

Persona definition encompasses 10 essential marketing persona attributes. Posed as questions, these 10 marketing persona elements can improve your content marketing.

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25 BIggest Lead Generation Mistakes (& What You Do About Them!!)

Biggest lead generation mistakes

Lead generation is at the heart of B2B marketing and It’s a major driver of content marketing. But too many marketers have problems getting it right. Here, from 25 marketing experts are the biggest lead generation mistakes marketers make plus 5 Actionable Marketing
tips on how to get it right.

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