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Millennials To Marketers: Here’s How We See The World

millennial data

Are millennials part of your market? Here’s millennial data to tailor your marketing based on 2014 Nielsen research. Has charts & marketing tips

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30 Millennial Demographics You Need [Charts]

College students

Here are 30 millennial demographics explained with charts to help you craft your marketing persona and message to reach this key market.

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Social Media Marketing 2014: Where Your Audience Is

Social Media Audience 2014

Planning your social media marketing 2014? Examine this Pew Internet Research with charts. Includes5 actionable social media marketing tips for 2014.

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Small Business: How To Avoid Price Competition [Research]


Does your small business face price competition from showrooming? Here’s smartphone showrooming research (charts) & 7 small business tips to avoid it.

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5 Things Marketers Can Learn From High School Students

Teen texting in NYC-Ed Yourdon

Want to know how High School students use their connected devices (aka mobile)? 5 Insights marketers need to know including why Facebook is lame.

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30 Blogging Tactics to Stay Motivated [Research]


Do you have the motivation to keep blogging for the long term? Here are 30 blogging tactics based on research to help keep your blogging willpower going.

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3 Surefire Ways To Kill Your Content Marketing

I have kept the faith

Does your content marketing fail? If so, here are 9 fixes to help you stop killing your content marketing based on IDG  & CMO Council research.

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How Marketers Use Twitter


Want to reach marketing decision makers on Twitter? Then check out Leadtail and NetBase’s analysis “How Digital Marketers Engage on Twitter” based on the Twitter activity of 515 North American brand, corporate, and agency digital marketers between between April 1st and June 30th, 2013. Here’s a analysis of their findings.

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How Blogs Generate Income [Research/Charts]

Every blogger wonders how their blog is performing relative to the rest of the blogosphere. While they’re curious about a variety of attributes, they’re most concerned about blogging revenue and how to generate more sales. To provide insights, examine Zig Marketing’s online survey of 120 bloggers across different categories. Bear in mind that this is a smaller group than either the Technorati or Inc 500 research. As a result, use it as guidance rather than as gospel. Further when assessing your blog,  consider your blog goals first.

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The Best Content Marketing Formats [Research]

Cookie cutters

Not sure what content marketing format to use? Here is research to help guide your content marketing. You must understand which are the best content formats for achieving your main business objectives as well as the difficulty to implement them. [Research included]

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