Social Media Goes Offline

Go Offline

Say social media and the first thing most people think is digital social media networks. But the truth is that the best way to reinforce networking contacts is to take them offline. For many small and media size businesses (aka SMBs), offline social media events are an ideal way to get better known. Here are five suggestions to help you plan your events.

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4 Rules for Good Customer Service

customer love

Customer service can vary significantly, especially in a social media world where firms have more customer touchpoints. On my recent trip, I learned that customer service means truly listening to your customers and appreciating that they know what they want. These aren’t empty words. You must walk the talk with every customer interaction. Here are four rules for good customer service.

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How to Market When Trust Is Gone [Data]

Forget Mad Men marketing because customer trust is gone.  For marketers, change is sorely needed since only one in twenty consumers trust advertising. Here are seven places that customers now check for information.

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Consumer Trust-Do You Have It? [Data]

While social media gets credit for shifting the balance of power from marketers to consumers, the reality is that consumers have relied upon their trusted sources, namely family, friends and neighbors long before Facebook and the Internet ever existed. Social media just provides platforms that extend the reach of individual consumers to influence others, including strangers that they’ve never met in real life. In part, social media can do this because consumer trust is scarce. In today’s rush-to-profitability world, companies forget that they must engage with their prospects and customers.

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How Social Media Transformed Customer Service [Data]

Social media has transformed customer service from a faceless voice at the end of your 800 number to the people who make your firm real by engaging with consumers, in real time, showing them you care. Yet, there’s a disconnect between how companies and consumers view customer service delivered via social media platforms. Here are 5 ways that social media changes customer service.

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How to Celebrate Your Customers

In honor of Valentine’s Day show your customers some love. The goal is to delight them in an unexpected way and we have a list of 100 options to help you. [BTW, here’s our #BloggerLove Contest to celebrate our readers. Enter a blog post with one of these 125 free blog titles by February 28th, 2011 to win.]

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Thanksgiving Love

This Thanksgiving,  I am thankful for my family, friends and colleagues which makes me think about how we as marketers treat our customers.


Social Media Hearts Cause Marketing

Cause marketing is the coordinated efforts of both for-profit and not-for-profit (NFP) organizations towards a common charitable and/or social goal. Unlike other forms of marketing, cause marketing has 5 goals and 8 distinct target audiences. (Contains useful research and chart.)

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3 Ways To Define Customers

Defining your target audience is a critical component of your marketing plan and can have a big impact on your media selection. Here are 3 ways to define your target market. Please read on …