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3 Types of Basic Content You Can’t Afford To Ignore

3 men in black and white

Are you missing these 3 types of basic content? Here are 17 content marketing tips to improve your landing pages, welcome series and post-purchase emails.

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2015 Social Media Content Use [Research and Charts]

2015 Social Media Content Use

Not sure about social media content use? Here’s research and tips to get your marketing on track based on Social Media Examiner’s 2015 research. Charts too.

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How To Get Your Content In Shape For The Summer

How To Get YOur Content Into Shape for the summer

Just like people, you have to get your content ready for summer. Here are 5 summer content marketing tips to streamline your efforts and minimize costs.

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Owned Media VS Earned Media: Which Yields Better Results

Owned Media VS Earned Media

Wondering whether you should use owned media or earned media?

This article examines these 2 content distribution options across 7 elements to help you maximize your reach based on your business and content needs.

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Digital Relevance – Book Interview

Digital Relavance

Relevance and context must be understood to serve as the foundation for dynamic marketing in real-time environments. With sales cycles for complex sales often extending into years, maintaining relevance over the longer term requires strategic planning that’s continually refreshed to account for market shifts and other developments. What’s relevant today may not even catch attention next week or next month. This is true for customer retention and the development of company advocates across the entire customer lifecycle, as well.

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How To Give Your Content A Winning Personality

Content Personality Checklist-Winning Content Personality

Want your content to stand out for your target audience in the onslaught of information? Then take the time to create a well developed content personality using this handy 10 point checklist formatted as questions to help you.

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US Media Consumption: Where To Find Your Audience 

Smartphone use-US Media Consumption

Want to target your marketing to your audience? Then read this analysis of US media consumption complete with charts, data, and actionable marketing tips.

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50 (Almost) Free Ways To Repromote Content

Repromote content

Do you think your quality content reaches its maximum audience when you promote it the first time? See what research from Kapost found. Think beyond once and down content distribution. Check out these 50 (almost) free ways to repromote your content.

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Internal Content Curation: What Most Marketers Miss

Internal Content Curation-10 Steps

Want to maximize your content marketing budget? Add internal content curation to get the greatest reach from each piece of content. 10 steps you need.

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Experiences: The Seventh Era Of Marketing – Book Interview

Experiences: The 7th Era Of Marketing

There is a new era of marketing upon us. The time of reach, frequency, and campaign-oriented approaches is over. And if businesses don’t evolve into this new era, they may find themselves on the wrong side of history.

World-renowned marketing experts Robert Rose and Carla Johnson have teamed up and synthesized 5 years of research with global brands into a set of “better practices” that weave together both the “why” and the “how” of navigating this new landscape. By placing strategy before structure, Robert and Carla illustrate WHY the idea of Content Creation Management will be a core discipline within tomorrow’s marketing strategy and HOW content-driven experiences can be created, managed, scaled, promoted, and measured in today’s business. If the goal for businesses is to become more like media companies, this book is the roadmap to get there.

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