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3 B2B Customer-Vendor Disconnects You Can Fix

B2B Customer-Vendor Disconnect

Do your marketing and sales teams have a B2B customer-vendor disconnect? If so, here are 3 gaps that you can easily fill with tailored content.

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New Original Content VS Enhanced Existing Content

New Original Content VS Enhanced Existing Content

New Original Content VS Enhanced Existing Content: Which is better for your content strategy? Examine the strengths and weaknesses to decide.

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Orphan Content: Are You Throwing Away Your Budget?

Orphan Content

Are you creating orphan content? Orphan content is defined. 7 tips to avoid orphan content with examples to guide you.

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Everybody Writes – Book Interview


Everybody Writes is a go-to guide to attracting and retaining customers through stellar online communication, because in our content-driven world, every one of us is, in fact, a writer.

If you have a web site, you are a publisher. If you are on social media, you are in marketing. And that means that we are all relying on our words to carry our marketing messages. We are all writers.

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Enhanced Existing Content Marketing Increases Your ROI

Enhanced Existing Content Marketing

Are you maximizing Enhanced Existing Content Marketing ROI? Enhanced Existing Content Marketing is defined and explained in a 5 step process.

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The Content Formula – Book Interview

The content formula cover

The Content Formula answers the biggest question currently on marketer’s minds: what is the ROI of content marketing?

With unused and wasted content costing B2B marketers alone a whopping $50 billion a year, the time to take a step back and identity problem areas is now so departments can focus on the areas that yield the most benefit to the bottom line.

The Content Formula establishes a way for marketers to prove the exact return on investment they get from content marketing, highlighting its usefulness in any marketer’s toolbox.


Content Uberization: Sharing Economy Meets Content

Content Uberization

Tapping into the sharing economy for your content marketing? Content uberization is an effective way to distribute your content to a wider audience.

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2016 Marketing Trends To Transform Your Business

2016 Marketing Trends

Are You Prepared For The 2016 Marketing Trends No One Is Discussing? The 5 key 2016 marketing trends are explained and have tactics. (Charts too!)

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Audio Content: How To Reach Your Busy Audience

Man Ear-Audio Content

Including audio content in your marketing plans? Here is a audio market research analysis and 5 point audio content marketing plan.

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Content Inner Circle: 5 Ways To Increase Distribution

Content Inner Circle

Have content distribution problems? Try these 5 ways to increase distribution using the Content Inner Circle. Includes charts, examples and tips.

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