Think Big, Act Bigger – Book Interview

Think Big Act Bigger cover

Global business celebrity and prime-time Bloomberg Television host, Jeffrey W. Hayzlett empowers business leaders to tie their visions to actions, advancing themselves past competitors and closer to their business dream. Hayzlett imparts ten core lessons that dare readers to own who they are as a leader and/or company, define where they want to go, and fearlessly do what it takes to get there.

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Work Simply – Book Interview

Make work simple by using the tools and tactics that are right for you

If you sometimes feel you spend more time managing your productivity than doing actual work, it’s time for a change. In Work Simply, renowned productivity expert Carson Tate offers a step-by-step guide to making work simple again by using the style that works best for you.

After reading Work Simply, you’ll come away with a productivity system that truly and fundamentally fits you—and you’ll never feel overwhelmed again.

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Stand Out – Book Interview


A guide to becoming a recognized expert in your field

Too many people believe that if they keep their heads down and work hard, they’ll be recognized as experts on the merits of their work. But that’s simply not true anymore. To make a name for yourself, you have to capitalize on your unique perspective and knowledge and inspire others to listen and take action. But becoming a “thought leader” is a mysterious and opaque process. Where do the ideas come from, and how do they get noticed?

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Best Marketing Advice For Recent Graduates

Best Marketing Advice – 100 experts

Looking to get into Marketing? Check out what the Best Marketing Advice for Recent Graduates from 100 experts. They give you the marketing lowdown you need.

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The Essential Social Media Advice For Graduates

Social Media Graduation Tips

Here are 10 Social Media Graduation Tips to get your adult life off to a good start. Understand that how you look on social media is essential for success!

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7 Tips To Jump Start Your Job Search

jump start

Whether you’ve been sitting on the job search sidelines, itching for a new job, or entering the workforce for the first time, looking for a job is tough work, especially if you’re an introvert. Unlike going to work with its set routine and built-in colleagues, job search is lonely business, even if you’re in an outplacement office. Where do you start and how do you get yourself pumped up to face your computer and phone every morning when you’d like nothing better than to slip back to bed and commune with your eyelids.  To help you with your job search, here are seven steps to set your course.


Use the Holidays to Achieve Your Personal Goals

thank you

Thanksgiving is a time to reach out and thank those around us. It’s also a time of year when employees get laid off leaving them wondering what they’re supposed to be thankful for?

If you’re one of these (or even if you’re not), take a deep breath and keep reading because, instead of using the holidays to hunker down with food and drink while complaining about your situation, you can use these seven steps during the holidays to be social.

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Are You Missing An Important Networking Opportunity?

loose connections

Are you overlooking an important networking opportunity in your circle of friends? When an executive decides to start networking the first thing, he does is make a list of current and former managers, co-workers and other business contacts. While this list generally contains family members (because they have to help him), it often overlooks one significant group, his closest friends. It means he’s missing out on the power of loose connections.

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New Job? What To Do Before You Drink The Kool-Aid

Drinking the Kool Aid Graffiti

Even though the economy’s still not booming, a number of colleagues have recently gotten new marketing jobs. This got me thinking about the advice for new employees that I’ve given my students over the years.  Starting a new job, like being a newlywed, is a special time. Before you become indoctrinated in the firm’s way of doing things (aka drinking the Kool-Aid,) here are three areas in which you can gather important information that will help you structure your approach,

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New Job? What to Do Before You Give Notice


Have you just landed a great new job? Whether you love your boss and dread telling him that you’re leaving or hate your job and want to tell your firm to shove it, take a deep breath and put these thoughts aside. They’re for your therapist not the workplace. Instead think about making your departure positive for you, your boss, your colleagues, your staff and your firm. Your goal should be to leave the door open. Therefore, here are my five suggestions to ensure you make the most of this time.

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