With Great Content Come Great Brands

Content Quality

Want to create content that’s a centerpiece of your brand? Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl ad is a quality content lesson. Here are the ad’s 7 attributes.

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Small Business Branding: 8 Ways To Let Your Light Shine


Are you practicing Small Business Branding? Here are 8 branding tactics that don’t require a big budget to be effective and grow your business.

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Is Your Global Brand Lost In Translation?

Juan Valdez Coffee-Heidi Cohen

How consistent is your global brand? Is it  lost in translation to local markets? 2 coffee examples (Starbucks & Juan Valdez) are examined with photos.

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10 Brand Tactics For Your 2014 Marketing Plans

Global Brands In Peru-Heidi_Cohen-October_2013

Does your 2014 marketing plan support your brand & your business? 10 brand tactics based on Millward Brown Brand Z Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands.

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Small Business: 5 Questions to Create a Meaningful Brand

Open for business

Does your small business have a brand? Before you say you don’t have the money, answer these 5 questions to build your small business brand

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5 Ways Employees Make Your Brand A Reality

Cleveland -Home of Rock and Roll - Heidi Cohen Photo

Do your employees embody your brand? Here are 5 ways employees make your brand a reality & 3 real life examples with photos.

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7 Brand Attributes For A Social Media, Mobile World

Tattoos while you wait

Is your branding only skin deep? Here are 7 brand attributes for a social media, mobile world with questions to get you on track. Based on Yahoo’s new logo.

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5 Social Media Branding Lessons From The Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Skeletons from the closet-1

Unlike most rock and roll bands, the Grateful Dead created an amazing brand based on following social media principles long before the Internet ever existed. Despite the death of their high profile guitarist Jerry Garcia on this day in 1995, the Grateful Dead brand continues to endure because the band consistently focused on their fans. In memory of Jerry Garcia’s death in 1995, let’s examine the lessons the Grateful Dead taught marketers about social media based branding.

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The Branding Report Card

Princeton Graduation 2013

Many businesses, large and small, underestimate the value of branding. As the combination of tangible and intangible elements that create an easily recognizable shorthand for your offering, consistent branding can reduce the need for additional marketing and enhance the value of your company. Here are nine points that you need to include on your branding report card.


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Small Business Branding: What Is Your Super Power?

Business Branding Superhero

For small businesses, branding is like having a super power; it makes your firm stand out in a message-laden ecosystem. Many small businesses mistakenly think branding is expensive and leave it out of their core business plans. They miss the opportunity to position their firm. To develop to your organization’s brand identity (aka your super power), answer these ten questions. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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