Blog Audience Mindset-5 Tricks To Know What Readers Want

Blogging How to Get Into Your readers mind

Do you know what your blog readers want? Here are 5 tricks to get into your blog audience mindset. For blog success you need to get into your readers’ head.

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The Blog Learning Curve: How To Improve Your Results

10 Blogging tricks-Heidi Cohen

Leverage your blog learning curve to improve your results. Here are 10 smarter blogging tips to maximize the impact of your blogging experience over time.

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How To Make Your Blog Appealing To Your Key Audience

Blog Appeal-5 Attributes

Blog appeal. Does your blog have it? Here are 5 attributes your blog needs to attract an audience. Also, tips to help you implement them.


10 Tricks To Create Top 10 Lists [Research]

blogging why top 10 lists rock - heidi cohen

Do you use lists on your blog or content marketing? If so, then think in terms of using a Top 10 List. Here are 10 tricks to make your Top 10 List rock.

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Does Your Blog Earn $30,000+ Per Month?

Blog Affiliate Marketing

Want to increase the revenues from your blog? Then see how Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income earns $20,000+ per month. Plus 5  Blog Affiliate marketing tips

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How One Blog Post Generated $2 Million Sales

Author of Blog Post That Generated 2 million dollars in sales

Want to increase sales and leads with blog posts? Read the explanation of how this blog post generated $2 million in sales. The steps are explained.

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64 Tips to Increase Blog Reach

With a little help from my friends

Want to increase blog reach? Use 1 or more of these 64 blogging tips to increase the love for your blog.  Many of these blog tips can be use for content.

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Guest Blogging Is Dead—Long Live Guest Blogging


Should you keep guest blogging? If you only wanted search optimization, then no. Otherwise, continue to provide strong content for other websites.

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Blogging: I Got Hacked And So Can You

Guy in Hoody

Is your blog or website safe from hackers? Don’t think my blog won’t get hacked. Here are 19 actionable security tips to keep your site safe from hackers.

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33 Free Titles To Crush Your Writer’s Block

Kitty with paper ball

Need content inspiration for your editorial calendar? Here are 33 Free Titles you can use to jump start your blog or content marketing writing.

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