Actionable Marketing 101

What 5.4% Can Teach You About Your Marketing


Only 5.4% of Iowa’s eligible voters turned out and voted in Tuesday’s Republican caucus, the first votes cast in the 2012 presidential race. If in this highly publicized race that dominated the news across media platforms for weeks, only a tiny fraction of the eligible voters turned out, what does this mean for your marketing?


Listen to the Godfather: Watch Your Competitors


Are you providing opportunities for your competitors without realizing it? Marketers can learn from Sonny Corleone’s illegitimate son, Vincent Mancini, played by Andy Garcia, who says, “Your enemies always get strong on what you leave behind.” in Godfather III. Here are sixteen major categories of competitive information to collect and analyze to ensure that your competitors don’t get strong on business opportunities that you’ve overlooked.

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How Actionable Marketing Stacks Up (against other forms of marketing)


How does actionable marketing compare to other forms of marketing?Actionable marketing refers the ability to persuade prospects, customers and the public to engage with your brand, product and/or firm. These three elements distinguish actionable marketing from other types of marketing. Read further for comparison chart.

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Is Your Marketing Actionable?


What is actionable marketing? Contrary to what some may think, actionable marketing has nothing to do with the law where actionable means to bring a legal suit. Rather, actionable refers to marketing’s ability to persuade prospects, customers and the public to engage with your firm. Here are the twelve elements that define actionable marketing.

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12 Content Marketing Elements

content is information

Content marketing attracts and engages prospects, customers and the public to take further action towards a business goal with useful, well-written information. It takes a longer view to connecting with its target audience by creating an extended interaction. Further, content marketing is at the heart of many social media strategies since it provides the food for social media interaction. Here are the twelve elements of content marketing that distinguish it from other marketing messaging and communications.

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No More Spaghetti Social Media!


Do you practice Spaghetti Social Media? Like throwing pasta against the wall to determine if it’s done cooking by whether or not it sticks, Spaghetti Social Media a crude form of social media strategy where a employee tries using social media platforms in hopes that his efforts will succeed in achieving business results without any clear marketing goals because social media is free. Here are seven components of Spaghetti Social Media Marketing and how to fix them to improve your social media strategy.

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Blog Checklist: 60 Must-Have Items

Is your blog on track

Here’s a blog checklist of 60 items to help you take your blog to the next level. These detailed must-have points will help you achieve blog success.

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What is Social Media?


What is social media? Ask any group of social media savvy individuals and it’s likely that they’ll all give you a different answer. Here’s 12 points that define social media based on 30 Social Media Definitions.

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How to Develop a Twitter Hashtag Following


Twitter hashtags are useful for marketers to expand their audience and/or broaden the reach of their messages on Twitter. Here are five tactics to help marketers use Twitter hashtags to achieve their goals.

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4 Pillars of Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is any marketing delivered via an Internet, mobile or tablet device. Here’s how to organize your plans and related strategies around the four pillars of digital marketing, content, communication, community and commerce.

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