B2C Versus B2B: The Most Important Social Media Platform [Research]

Social Media Smackdown: B2C VS B2B [Chart]

B2C vs B2B SmackdownB2C and B2B marketers differ on the most important social media platform for marketing according to Social Media Examiner’s 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, a survey of both B2C and B2B businesses using social media in their marketing mix. This makes sense since each social media venue has a different focus.

Facebook is clearly the dominant platform for B2C marketers. It’s top ranked by 67% of B2C respondents while 11% of B2C respondents rank blogging top, and 10% of B2C respondents rank Twitter as top.

By contrast, LinkedIn and Facebook are tied with 29% of B2B respondents citing each as the top social media platform. Further 19% of B2B respondents rate blogging as their top venue and 16% of B2B respondents rate Twitter as their top venue.  Social Media Examiner 2013 Research - B2C vs B2B-1

5 B2C versus B2B social media trends

Look beneath the surface of these results and you’ll find these five factors to consider in your marketing plans.

  1. B2B marketers use a more diverse array of social media platforms than B2C marketers. Roughly two out of three B2C marketers put Facebook at the top of their social media list. Understand that in some countries, Facebook may be the only social media choice for marketers, B2C or B2B.
  2. Both B2B and B2C marketers underutilize blogging – less than one out of five puts it at the top of their list. A blog should be a marketer’s first social media platform since it’s owned. Further it provides a continual stream of fresh content that feeds social media. (Here’s how to establish your blog.)
  3. Both B2B and B2C marketers don’t get the power of YouTube. While video can be expensive relative to other forms of content creation and social media, don’t let this keep you from building your presence on YouTube. It’s the second largest search engine! Since you need to be present to be found, consider low-cost alternatives. Also incorporate video creation into your television advertising creation budget. Both Orabrush, a B2C company, and Blendtec, a B2B company, built their brands based on low-cost YouTube videos.
  4. B2C marketers, especially those targeting teens and twenty-somethings, are missing an opportunity with Tumblr. While Tumblr has been in the Nielsen top ten, social media sites for a couple of years, it’s still below the radar for most marketers. At a minimum, test this visual micro-blogging platform.
  5. B2B marketers overlook the power of SlideShare. Owned by LinkedIn, Slideshare generates leads for B2B organizations. Start building your presence on this powerful social media entity for business.

B2C Versus B2B:  The Most Important Social Media Platform

Here’s how B2C versus B2B organizations view the most important social media platforms with related Actionable Social Media Tips.

B2C Versus B2B:  The Most Important Social Media Platform

Social Media Platform

% B2C Rank
Top Social Media Platform

Social Media Tip

% B2B Rank
Top Social Media Platform

Social Media Tip



Make your fans into stars with images on Facebook.


Use Facebook advertising to target your audience.


Answer one customer question per post.


Give prospects information related to their hot button issues.


Create a “Deal of the Day”account to promote one special a day.


Integrate bite size tweets with easy to copy shortened URLs into presentations.


Leverage LinkedIn’s power to reduce hiring costs.


Participate in relevant groups to build your network & distribute your content.


Establish YouTube presence by offering how to videos.


Optimize videos for search by adding keyword rich text.


Put your products in context for prospects with styling.


Build a Pinterest presence by using visuals, inforgraphics, & presentations.


Build your Google+ presence with a regular posting schedule.


Claim Google authorship.
  • Actionable Marketing Tips Source: ©2013 HeidiCohen.com
  • Data Source: © 2013 Social Media Examiner

B2C marketers tend to engage with prospects while they’re on social media for personal reasons and B2B marketers tend to engage with prospects while they’re at work. Marketers must appreciate that customers, regardless of whether they’re purchasing for themselves, their family or their business, still use the same approach to seeking information. Therefore, while the product differs, the social media platforms don’t. This translates to opportunities for marketers willing to explore new social media entities.

What is your favorite social media platform for your business and why do you think so?

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