26 Actionable Content Marketing Options and Tips [Chart]

How to Provide Fresh B2B Content Marketing

How do you want your content? Has the need for fresh content got you wondering how to maximize the effectiveness of your current offering as well as where to find new options. Well–help is here!

Here are twenty-six B2B content marketing options and how they help your business. Further to improve your information’s marketing effectiveness, actionable content marketing tips are included. (Note: Usage percentage is based on Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs 2013 content marketing research.)

26 B2B Content Marketing Options

Content Marketing



Actionable Content Marketing Tip

Social media excluding blogs 87% Expands content marketing distribution Add social sharing icons to encourage action with each piece of content
Articles on own website 83% Provides product information;
Supports search optimization
Add new content on a regular basis to show you’re home.
e-newsletters 78% Provides product information;
Offers customer engagement
Include links to articles on your site & third party sites
Blogs 77% Provides product information;
Supports search optimization
Publish at least two – three posts per week to get most of customer acquisition impact.
Case studies 71% Show how related businesses use the product. Include pinnable visuals (to share on Pinterest)
Videos 70% Show prospects & customers how to use your product in context;
Supports search optimization
Post on YouTube with searchable text.
Articles on third party websites 70% Expands reach;
Supports search optimization (if link to your website)
Include a link back to your website or blog to help search optimization.
In-person events 69% Expand reach;
Build trust
Extend reach through the use of live tweeting or live blogging.
White papers 61% Provide product information;
Generate leads
Create related information that
Webinars/webcasts 59% Expand reach;
Educate prospects & customers;
Generate leads
Post webinars to Slideshare to extend reach.
Research papers 44% Expands reach;
Educate prospects & customers;
Generate leads
Create related infographic to attract social shares and in-bound links.
Microsite 40% Educate prospects & customers Send prospects to targeted landing pages to generate leads.
Infographics 38% Attract social media shares;
Supports search optimization (if link to your website)
Promote your infographic at the bottom of the visual as well as with a related blogger outreach program.
Branded content tools 38% Build brand awareness;
Extends reach
Enhance effectiveness by promoting across owned & social media
Mobile content 33% Expand ways audience can get your information Use responsive design to allow content to be read on mobile and tablets. (Here’s how to maximize multi-screen effectiveness.)
Ebooks 32% Educate prospects & customers;
Generate leads
Incorporate related promotion into book content.
Print magazines 31% Educate prospects & customers Cross promote your online content.
Books 29% Educate prospects & customers Include cross promotion in book
Virtual conference 28% Expand reach;
Is cost-effective;
Is time efficient
Promote your participation on your owned and social media.
Podcasts 27% Incorporates human voice Distribute podcasts via your blog. Associate searchable text with the podcast.
Licensed content 26% Enhance content offering Maximize effectiveness by cross promoting.
Mobile apps 26% Provide mobile content. Promote mobile apps across owned media
Digital magazines 25% Educate prospects & customers Extended reach with promotion on owned and social media
Print newsletters 24% Provide information via another channel Cross-promote your online content marketing.
Annual reports 20% Meet regulatory needs;
Provide financial information
Reference your online content where appropriate
Games 11% Extend brand;
Engage prospects.
Promote your other content marketing within the games.

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As you plan your B2B content marketing, integrate these five tips to improve content efficiency.

  1. Plan your content marketing to maximize efficiency for related content creation. (Here are 30 tips to extend your content marketing and here are 56 ways to reuse your content marketing.)
  2. Cross promote content across your owned and social media to increase its distribution reach.
  3. Focus each piece of content on a keyword phrase to help search optimization. Where appropriate leverage other search optimization tactics such as inbound links and associating text with non-text content.
  4. Include social sharing buttons to encourage further distribution.
  5. Incorporate a call-to-action to help achieve your business objectives.

Utilize a variety of content marketing formats to offer prospects a variety of doorways into your information. Further, where possible, maximize the effectiveness of each piece of content as part of your larger marketing plans.

Do you have other suggestions for forms of B2B content marketing? If so, what are they?

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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