Why Email Remains The King Of Social Media

10 Email List Building Tricks

Why email remains the king of social mediaHands down, email is the king of social media.

Don’t take my word for it.

While email predates the current social media platforms, it’s integral to their traffic and engagement. Continue reading


5 Social Media Video Content Tips For Stellar Results

Social Media Video Content: Case Study (Charts)

social media video contentLooking to expand your audience?
Add social media video content.

While visual content has gained traction over the last couple of years as easy-to-consume, snackable information, expect social media video to jump to the forefront of must-have content types in 2015.

This content trend is fueled by 2 interrelated factors: Continue reading

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What the Pros Do To Boost Content Reach

5 Expert Content Marketing Tricks To Extend Your Reach

5 expert content marketing tricksContent marketers are always on the lookout for new tricks to engage a larger audience.

The major challenge is to consistently break through and attract both dedicated and new readers in an increasingly competitive environment where time is readers’ most scarce resource. Continue reading

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How To Use Social Media To Attract Millennial Buyers

Understand Your Millennial Customer Or Lose Her Business

Millennial and smartphoneAged 18 to 33, millennials represent a key marketing demographic. Millennial buyers are projected to spend an annual $1.4 trillion by 2020 according to Accenture.

More important for marketers: millennials are passing through important lifecycle events, such as starting their first jobs, getting their first home, and getting married that involve major purchases. Continue reading

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55 US Mobile Facts Every Marketer Needs For 2015

2015 Mobile Marketing – 19 Research Charts

2015 Mobile marketingMobile devices, smartphones and tablets, have changed our lives. As a result you need to plan your 2015 mobile marketing NOW!!!

Skip the  kisses, I’ve got to check my smartphone according to Touluna (August 2014). Continue reading

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7 Best-In-Class Content Marketing Characteristics To Succeed

How To Improve Your Content Marketing In 2015

Keep on trackHaving best-in-class content marketing isn’t an accident.

It doesn’t happen just because you’re marketing team got lucky.

While it helps, it takes more than that. Continue reading


20 Content Marketing Tips Guaranteed To Yield Results

9 Content Marketing Experts Reveal Their Secrets

content marketing tactics guaranteed to yield resultsWhile most businesses use some form of content marketing, does it generate the results their executives demand?

For many, their content marketing is a leap of faith. Therefore, they can’t answer this question. Continue reading

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13 Holiday Small Business Specials

Small Business Tips You Can Use 365 Days A Year

Small BusinessBefore the Thanksgiving turkey is even cold, we’re off to shop for the holidays.

Amazon, Walmart and other big stores have their marketing, promotions and inventories set. But what gives them clout is a double-edged sword; they have to pray their plans work.

But if you’re a small business owner, you have the flexibility to adapt and attract sales that go beyond a one-time great price offer.

Here’s research showing where affluent people plan to shop this holiday season.  Continue reading

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How Your Business Can Thank The People Who Matter Most

Don’t Be A Turkey: 20 Ways Marketers Can Say Thank You

Thanksgiving 2014Thanksgiving is more than a big turkey-focused meal with all of the trimmings and non-stop holiday sales. Nor is it the envy-inducing social media images portraying how great your cooking looks.

Rather, Thanksgiving is a time to look inward to truly appreciate those people in our lives that give us love, support and camaraderie. Oftentimes we don’t let them know how much we care about them. Continue reading

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