Everybody Writes – Book Interview

Heidi Cohen interviews Ann Handley

everybody-writes-3dQ: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing?

Slow down. In our fast-paced world, the tendency is to go fast and break things. That’s fine in some parts of the business world (like tech development).

But in content marketing, I’m an advocate for a slower, more deliberate approach. A slower approach is armor against burnout, dejection, and (ultimately) the erosion of confidence in the amazing power of a content program.

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Small Business Web Hosting (Solopreneurs Included)

How to Build Your Small Business Website

Small Business Web HostingRegardless of your small business marketing goals (brand building, establishing thought leadership, lead generation, product sales or distributing content,) choosing the right small business web hosting and software is critical for your business. Continue reading

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Enhanced Existing Content Marketing Increases Your ROI

Give Your Content A New Lease On Life and A Second LTV

Enhanced Existing Content MarketingAs pressure increases to show measurable content ROI, marketers will focus on enhanced existing content marketing.

Enhanced existing content marketing up-cycles your published content with low marketing investment to improve results such as increased leads or sales.

Improving existing content isn’t a new concept. Continue reading

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2016 Facebook Marketing: What You Must Know To Succeed

7 Facebook Marketing Tactics Based On 4Q2015 Results

2016 Facebook Marketing: What You Need To SucceedYour 2016 Facebook marketing strategy is vital to your business success.

Facebook continues to be the social media giant that can’t be ignored by marketers regardless of location or type. Its 4Q2015 earnings report confirm this.

The social media platform continues to exceed financial performance expectations. Marketers pay special attention to these numbers because they translate to higher 2016 Facebook marketing costs. Continue reading

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The Content Formula – Book Interview

The content formula coverHeidi Cohen interviews Michael Brenner

Q: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing?

The biggest mistake marketers make when starting out with content marketing is not defining a clear business objective and then defining the metrics of success. Otherwise, how would you know if the program has worked or not.

We’ve seen that every marketer who sets out with a clear and documented business case, is able to show content marketing ROI. Continue reading


Web Hosting Basics for SMBs (Chart)

4 Ways to Host a Website For a Small Business

Web HostingWeb hosting is at the heart of your online real estate.

Your online real estate typically consists of a public website with your brand and content. whether it’s a large website or a social media page, it serves as a identifiable location in the online world where you publish, distribute and curate content. Continue reading

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Content Uberization: Sharing Economy Meets Content

How To Integrate Content Uberization Into Your Marketing Plans

Content UberizationContent uberization applies the principles of the sharing economy to content marketing.

In 2015 the Oxford English Dictionary defined the sharing economy: “[It] is an economic system in which assets or services are shared between private individuals, either for free or for a fee, typically by means of the Internet.” Continue reading

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2016 Marketing Trends To Transform Your Business

Is Your Marketing Getting Left Behind? 5 Key Trends

2016 Marketing Trends2016 marketing trends and predictions are a favorite expert parlor game.

While I respect my peers and think they’re very smart, most of their top 2016 marketing trends were neither new nor ground breaking. Continue reading

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Domain Names, Trademarks and Your Brand

Secure and Protect Your Brand’s Intellectual Property

Domain names, trademarks and brandsWhat’s in a name? For marketers the answer is a lot especially when it comes to domain names.

Your name is at the core of your brand identity. It’s what makes your product or firm stand out in your target customer’s mind.

Over time your brand increases your business’s value through its personality, stories and consistency. Continue reading

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Audio Content: How To Reach Your Busy Audience

Podcasts and Audio Content In Your Content Marketing Mix

Man Ear-Audio Content2016 is the year of the rise of audio content (including podcasts!)

Say “audio” to most mobile savvy, content marketers and they automatically think podcast. Yet the audio content offering extends beyond podcasting. Continue reading

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