3 Customer Trust Factors To Boost Your Social Media Results

How To Build Customer Trust In Social Media and Content

Trapeze -Customer Trust FactorsDo your prospects and customers trust your content, employees and products?

The answer depends on who tells them about you. This shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Think about the following question: Continue reading

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Increase Content Marketing Visibility With PR

Content Marketing Placement: How To Use PR

Content Marketing Placement-PRIs your content marketing getting the visibility it needs to reach the maximum audience it deserves?

Does your evergreen content receive visibility at the specific times relevant to your audience or does it stay buried in the depths of your website or blog?

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Super Simple Social Media Strategy: Get Big Results

The Social Media Marketing Cycle

Social Media Marketing Cycle--Washing MachineThe key to social media is to show up, be generous in your contributions and pay-it-forward. This holds true regardless the size of your business or its focus.

The reason to use social media is simple: To be part your prospect’s consideration set.

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How The 2015 B2B Purchase Decision Process Has Changed

5 Steps To B2B Content Marketing Success

2015 B2B Purchase Decision Process-1The biggest challenge B2B marketers face today is that their buyers are invisible until they’re ready to purchase. This makes it difficult to create targeted content and interactions that nurture prospects towards purchase. Continue reading

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Key 2015 Twitter Trends Every Marketer Needs

Do You Still Need Twitter In Your Social Media Strategy?

Key 2015 Twitter TrendsTwitter has been getting a lot of bad press since its earnings report.

Is this a sign that you should stop your Twitter marketing?

The short answer: No Continue reading

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14 Ways To Romance Your Audience With Content Marketing

How To Create Content Your Audience Will Love

How To Create Content Your Audience Will LoveRomance is key to successful content marketing. Without it, you risk turning prospects off before they have the chance to experience your products and services.

I’m not saying this because it’s Valentine’s Day because true romance doesn’t need a special holiday to celebrate your relationship and care. Rather it’s something you do everyday. Continue reading

How To Develop Your Content Curation Editorial Calendar

Content Curation Editorial Calendar: 5 Easy Steps [Chart]

Content Curation Editorial CalendarContent curation ensures that your content marketing isn’t a once and done process.

To maximize the value of each piece of content you’ve created, plan future content use in your content curation editorial calendar. Continue reading

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Social Media Quality VS Quantity

Why Your Content Needs Social Media Targeting

Social Media Quality vs QuantityBrand message repetition has long been a key to advertising success.

The rule of thumb is that your target audience must see your message 5 to 7 times before they believe it.

To achieve this objective, today’s marketers must distribute their content on social media because it’s where their prospects spend their time, over an hour a day!!! Continue reading

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What Your Content Marketing Is Missing To Drive Sales

5 Content Marketing Call-To-Action Tactics 

Content Marketing Call to Action TacticIf your content marketing doesn’t drive leads and ultimately sales, it’s a #FAIL.

Yes, you need to build your brand and attract a following, BUT as the famous Benton & Bowles quote goes, “It’s not creative unless it sells.” (Note: This quote is often misattributed to David Ogilvy.)  Continue reading

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