5 Ways to Generate Content Marketing Revenues

Content Marketing Sales: Why Great Content Is Not Enough

Content Marketing Revenues93% of B2B marketers are investing in content marketing to build their brands and produce leads according to Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs research.

Unfortunately only 42% of these marketers believe their content is effective. This is a problem because businesses invest money to generate sales.  (Note: Although 90% of B2C marketers use content marketing, only 34% find it effective.) Continue reading

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5 Easy Ways To Market To Millennials [Research]

Millennials: How To Connect With This Key Demographic

5 Easy Peasy Ways To Market To Millennials [Research]-1Baffled by how to market to millennials?

Maybe the problem is your marketing not your audience.

That’s what SDL’s March 2014 survey of  300 US respondents aged 18-36 (specifically those born between 1978 and 1996) entitled “Understanding Millennials” indicates. Roughly 1 in 4 people in the US are millennials. Continue reading

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The 10 Plagues of Visual Content Marketing

Visual Content: How To Attract The Attention You Deserve

10 Plagues of Visual Content MarketingNow that it’s ridiculously cheap and easy for anyone to take photographs and videos, marketers may overlook the fundamental power of quality visual content.

With over 350 million photos uploaded to Facebook on an average day (250 billion images uploaded to-date) it’s easy for your visual content to get lost in the social media content stream.

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25 Small Business Social Media Trends You Need

Social Media: How The Fastest Growing SMBs Use It

Small business social media trendsHow does your firm’s social media use compare with the 2014 small business social media trends?

Regardless of your company size, its useful to check how the fastest growing SMBs (aka small and medium sized business) as represented by the Inc 500 use social media. Due to smaller size and lower amount of resources, these firms tend to take advantage of social media opportunities faster than their larger competitors.
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Three Types of Marketing Success Metrics.

Assessing the results of interactive marketing campaigns

Success_MetricsFor some marketers, the mere mention of analytics instills them with fear. That’s why an interactive marketing analytical framework is needed. For, as you move from one marketing campaign to the next, you need a basis for assessing each campaign’s effectiveness in achieving their intended business goals in order to ensure continued success.

To help you understand how this works, this article provides a detailed conceptual approach for assessing an interactive marketing campaign’s effectiveness.

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Interactive Marketing Analytical Framework

7 steps at the core of nearly every marketing initiative.

Seven step framework for interactive marketingAt the heart of almost any interactive marketing program are seven steps which aim to engage prospects and customers to develop a profitable relationship.

These steps provide a framework for planning an online campaign as well as for providing an in-depth creative brief.

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7 Tools to Dramatically Improve Your Social Media Productivity

toolshed_toolsThere are so many social media channels and it’s very difficult to keep up.

As soon as you feel you are making progress, the new shiny social network emerges that you ‘must be on’.

This is challenging and difficult for Marketers and we all struggle with it.

You need to have a good social media strategy in place but once you have this you can support it with good tools.

In this article we outline 7 tools that will help dramatically improve your social media productivity and help support your strategy. Continue reading

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Social Media Millennial Shopping Trends [Research]

Social Media Influences Millennial Purchases

Social Media Millennial Shopping TrendsWelcome to the social media showroom. For millennials, social media is more than a place to check product options. Social media is an integral part of the millennial purchase process.

Teen Vogue’s March 2014 “Seeing Social” survey garnered 1,074 responses from young US women (age 13 to 29) regarding the role social media in their beauty and fashion purchase process. Continue reading

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P2P Content: The Content Nobody Measures

5 P2P Content Marketing Tricks For Marketers [Examples]

Talking to my brotherBefore connected devices or content marketing or social media or the Internet, there was person-to-person communications (aka P2P content).

Life is full of content. Most of it we don’t consider formal information.

While we don’t monitor or keep track of it, P2P content is important to us and to our lives. From a marketer’s perspective, it’s information and communications that are beyond our control. Continue reading

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50 Point First Quarter Marketing Performance Checklist

1Q Marketing Assessment: Social Media, Content & Mobile

1Q marketing assessment -50 pointsAt the end of the first quarter, evaluate your 2014 marketing and business trajectory regardless of whether you’re a B2C, B2B, Not-For-Profit (NFP) or small business (or solopreneur).

Then, adjust your second quarter plans to get 2014 on track to succeed before the budget and holiday season mania. (BTW—here’s a full year 111 point marketing checklist to provide additional help. While it’s dated 2012, the information is still relevant.) Continue reading

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